THE SYNERGY OF MAN AND MACHINE BEGINS HERE, where the sense of NSX as an extension of self becomes tangible. The wheel grasp, the pedal feel, the seat designed to support its driver through even the most extreme maneuvers. It’s a command center where intuitive controls, unobstructed views and world-class acoustics make every drive extraordinary.




SIMPLICITY OF FORM AND ELEMENTS ESSENTIAL TO THE SPACE form the foundation of NSX cockpit design. Minimalist in its aesthetic and spacious in its dimensions, the cabin was precisely engineered to create a richly supportive domain for the driver – even those whose height is in the 95th percentile.


SEAT MATERIALS WERE SELECTED FOR THEIR PERFORMANCE. The aggressively-shaped bolsters are smooth leather for ease of ingress/egress. The center of the seats is Alcantara®, which provides grip and reduces lateral movement. Key interior surfaces are ergonomically padded to support knees and elbows, providing additional comfort and stability.



IN NSX, THE CONNECTION BETWEEN MAN AND MACHINE plays out in real time with communicative feedback so true and responsive, it feels like intuition. Steering, acceleration and braking are executed with something more than fidelity – not simply obeying cues but maintaining a continual readiness in sync with driver awareness.



CONNECTION TO THE ROAD DEMANDS SWEEPING VISIBILITY – a quality embraced by NSX engineers dating back to the first-generation NSX. Today, the expansive view begins with ultra-slim A-pillars crafted using an innovative, 3D bent-and-quenched fabrication process that produces ultra-high tensile strength. Adding to the openness is the low meter visor, the uniquely shaped steering wheel, a frameless rearview mirror and side mirrors on slender stalks.

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